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agriculture has long been the back-bone of the midwest, in fact, over 85% of iowa’s land is used for agriculture.  currently, iowa ranks 1st in the u.s. in corn and 1st soybean production. however, with environmental changes, a global economy, and world-wide population growth, the nature of agriculture is changing. agriculture today is both a science and a business. niacc can help you stay ahead of the curve in this ever-changing and versatile industry. you’ll gain the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful and feed and clothe generations to come.

you’ll learn in the niacc farm lab which consists of 260 no-till acres, 110 acres of pasture, and livestock facilities for the swine and beef breeding herds. the farm provides ag students with “hands-on” learning experiences in the areas of crop protection and management, precision farming technology, crop and livestock management, show pig, and club calf production.